Smart Contact Sensor

Wulian Smart Contact Sensor that can be configured with alarm notifications, scene settings such as lights and play background music.


Smart contact sensor, once opened illegally, preset alarm devices will be triggered and will send alarm notifications to phone. It can be linked to turn on the lights, play background music. The alarm is linked wireless with strong anti-interference ability, low power consumption and energy saving.

  • Communication mode: IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee/smartroom)
  • Power parameter: 3V DC
  • Battery type: CR2 battery*1
  • Standby current: 4μA
  • Door opening/closing current: 1.2μA at opening, 4μA at closing
  • Alarm distance: 20mm
  • Working temperature/humidity: -10 to 45℃/≤95%RH (non-condensing)
  • Material and color: PC, white
  • Installation method: fixed by tape
  • Dimensions (L*W*H): body 63*23*21mm
  • Magnetic parts: 63*10*15mm


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