Milan Infoway Hub

The Milan One Infoway is an information gateway that enables beautiful Digital Living Experiences (DLE) making life secure, healthy, convenient, enjoyable and connected. This cost-effective Infoway is primarily suited to the integration of wireless sensors and devices such as for security and lighting control, as well as for the integration of audio visual devices when paired with an Infrared Devices Control Module.


  • Integrates information from all other devices and enables control from the MyMilan app
  • The sensors and devices are integrated with Milan Infoway using the configuration tool in the MyMilan app
  • Easily integrates with the Milan Climax Media Player to enable beautiful, integrated
    entertainment experiences
  • Attractive user Interfaces for the iOS and Android platforms
    Easily configure personalized MoodPro scenes such as “Relax” or “Entertain” from the MyMilan app
  • Send SMS alerts (when GSM feature is enabled) or send push notifications to the MyMilan app when events of interest happen (such as when someone enters your home)
  • The compact Milan One Infoway enables the integration and control of multiple Z-Wave wireless devices such as security sensors, digital door locks, lighting switches and motorized curtain controls
  • Enable time-based and trigger-based events such as “open living room curtains and play soothing music 30 minutes after sunrise on weekday mornings”
  • When used in conjunction with Milan SnapDigi Infrared Devices Control Module (ELIR06 or ELIW06), the Milan One Infoway can enable seamless integration and control of equipment such as televisions, cable boxes, digital amplifiers and Blu-ray players (these features can be accessed from the Watch menu in the MyMilan app)
  • 32-bit processor
  • One Ethernet port
  • In-built Z-Wave module for integration of compatible wireless sensors and devices
  • Power Supply: DC 12 V, 5 A
  • Power Consumption: 6 W


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