Dream Flower

Wulian Dream Flower Multi-functional Vase


The Dream Flower is a super vase that can also be used as a smart LED light, gateway and wireless router. It can also detect and monitor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, PPM2.5 value and noise. The LED indicator on the vase body displays temperature. The vase can be connected to multiple devices, including mobile phones, electric curtains and air conditioners, via ZigBee and Wi-Fi. Users can monitor their home remotely using a mobile phone app, which also allows the switching on and control of appliances.

Multi-functional vase

  • Functions as a Wi-Fi router and smart home hub
  • Gesture controlled (max. distance: 50 mm)
  • Integrates temperature and humidity sensors
  • Real-time environment monitoring:¬†CO2/VOC/PM2.5/noise
  • Dimmable multicolored lighting (16 million colors)
  • Four lighting modes: Far Ocean, Dream Lavender, Soft Moonlight, Mist Forest
  • Links to the air conditioner or air system for temperature adjustment
  • Screw-less setup


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